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Getting Started

There's the path. Ready to go?

There’s the path. Ready to go?

Just getting started with WordPress? You’re in the right place.

Whether you just have an idea or your have your domain, logo, and even an existing site, we’ll get you on the right path. Please note that this is one path and not meant to be the path. We’re using only WordPress, only one theme, and only methods, plugins, and tips and tricks that we’ve found to work best. Hopefully they’ll work well for you, too.

This page (and this site!) is under construction. Don’t step on nails and let us know if there are loose floorboards.

As of this posting (Nov 2013) there are 175+ posts on this site. We’re getting lots of traffic from Google search, but we need to get thing organized in a fashion that’s helpful for the first-time visitor. This page will serve as a jumping off point from wherever you are to wherever you want to go.

Still on the Fence? Here’s Why.

Why do any of this? Here’s the Why from kindergarten to grad school.

Need a Domain? Hosting? Install WP?

You have literally nothing but an idea. Maybe a pen and paper. Let’s go! I see I have nothing (yet) about domain registration. I recommend Namecheap or GoDaddy or Likoma (GD reseller).

WordPress Basics

Just opening the brand new box? Here’s a look at what’s inside.

The Elements of a WP Site

What’s the thing up top called? In the right, is that a sidebar or a column?

Understanding WP Content Organization

What’s the difference between a Page and a Post? Categories? Tags? Oh my.


This is a big topic (and one I’m sure I’ll recategorize later). But here are a bunch of image options and ideas.

WOO Canvas Page Templates

These are special, custom templates that do more than just put a sidebar in a different place. These templates can create an archive, slider, contact page and even a widgetized layout.

WOO Shortcodes

WOO’s shortcodes give you all kinds of design and functional power–without having to get into Photoshop.

I’ve had some questions about how I set this page up. I know it’s just a bunch of lists, but I didn’t do them manually. I create the lists in WP menus then use the Custom Menu Shortcode plugin to insert a menu. Benefit? I’m not putting in manual links anywhere, it’s drag and drop in the menu manager and I can choose my sort order, change titles of links, and best of all: if I change a link or title in the post itself, it’s automatically updated.