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WOO Canvas Template: Sitemap

The sitemap page template shows pages, categories and posts per category.

Just choose the Sitemap from the dropdown in a page.

Just choose the Sitemap from the dropdown in a page.

Yet another WOO Canvas built-in page template (or layout). It automatically creates the code so that all you have to do is choose the Sitemap template and it’ll list all pages, all categories, and then a list of posts per category on your page. It’s tricky (read: not worth it) to do think like hide certain pages or show things in certain order. It’s just a simple template that does what it does.

We now have gone through most of the “archive-like” templates in WOO Canvas. To recap:

In fact, even some of the others automatically show previous posts, just in yet other layouts:

All kinds of built-in options to display all of your work on your site. If you want to get in there and tweak some code to make it do exactly what you’d like, you can edit the template files or better yet, create some hooks in a child theme.


Pages, categories and posts per category.

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