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Clean and beautiful new site for Hot Mama Pilates

Hot Mama Pilates

Super clean, professional, scrolling one pager for San Francisco Pilates studio. A lean, clean powerful machine for Cara Grinels, a superstar Pilates instructor in San Francisco. She specializes in pre- and post-natal women and getting them back into the shape they were before. We’re using a theme that helped her show off her photos and […]

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What did it look like before Canvas? Exactly the same.

Middlepath Acupuncture

This is going to be a whole lot less painful if we could just switch it to Canvas. We just wanted to make a few tweaks. Mostly, we wanted to add a blog. Seems simple enough, right? It is WordPress, after all, so adding a blog is like adding a screwdriver to a tool chest. […]

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Let's get a quick site up for an event. Done.

Digging Deep

We needed a quick “pre-launch” site up for an event. We can do that. That’s what makes Canvas so easy to work with. I know that I can get up a temporary site in a jiffy if need be. We have a logo, something of a color scheme, some content, we’re ready. Logo in the […]

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Simple fading slider on home for just a taste of his work.

Headshot Day

Should you build a site for one of your products? Scott R. Kline’s Headshot Day “product” was a huge success. He set up a day for shooting, rented a studio, and you could sign up for your session. Flat fee, straightforward deliverables, on schedule, done, thank you very much. So when do you just build […]

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Placement of text using columns in WOO Canvas.


Huge background photos, e-commerce, oh my! So this was fun: great photography, fun products (and lots of ’em), and a sleek look. WordPress + Canvas + WOO Commerce and we are rolling. I’m going to quote the owner of the shop here: She’s in there getting her hands dirty editing her website. She’s a go-getter […]

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New BOOM site in Canvas using the Magazine layout.

BOOM California

We built the BOOM site a few years ago with another theme that is now … broken. Something about a PHP upgrade and something wasn’t working. Sure, we could dig and see if we could fix it (we did dig, but couldn’t find a long-term solution), but why bother when we could convert the old […]

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Stunning imagery with smart headlines.

GSC Cosmeceutical

Beautiful photography artfully arranged with smart headlines. Done. It’s not just the nice photos, it’s how they’re arranged, selected, sorted, laid out. Who chooses which images go where and with which headlines? Working together with pro designer Paschal Sabatella, we put together a professional site with a character of color through the imagery.

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Do have to find great photos, then let them do the work.

Context Relevant

Ooh, what’s that shiny new thing? Step away from the window, son. This was a great case study of being wowed by shiny and glittery themes, but then coming back full circle to what we know works. We started off toying with Salient, an awesome looking theme that wowed our socks off. We dug deep […]

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The new SF Sentinel site is stunning, sunning, and fun!

San Francisco Sentinel

The San Francisco Sentinel needed a bit of liveliness. We got them that. The site was one of those old text-based, 3-column functional sites that held loads of content and was very readable, but didn’t really have any character. Now it has character galore. Together with the ever-popular Lauren Deane Evans of Good Looking Ideas, we […]

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A WOO Canvas Child theme. Let's see what you can make from clean.

Clean Canvas

Clean Canvas is a Canvas child theme that is free … and clean. So clean, there’s nothing to it! No customizations, no code, no CSS, no nada. It’s just an empty theme that allows you to do what you want.

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