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WOO Canvas Magazine Template

This WOO Canvas page template encompasses several elements: slider, featured, and a grid. It takes some doing to see what’s what.

There are several optional elements to this layout.

There are several optional elements to this layout.

The magazine layout is really more a collection of three ways to show archives of posts: slider, featured posts, and a grid. At first glance, it can be confusing as to what goes where, which element pulls posts from where, how many are shown where, etc. Once you get an overview, you’ll get the hang of it.

This isn’t clear at first, but you can choose to use just certain elements of the magazine template, e.g. just the grid.

Magazine Slider

This is a simple slider (changing images with optional title and excerpt) that pulls content from posts tagged with a tag that you specify. You can have one slide or many, it’s the full width of the content area so it depends on the page layout you have for that page (e.g. full width, right sidebar, etc.).

The difference between the magazine slider and the business template slider is that the business slider uses a custom post type (slides) whereas the magazine slider uses regular posts.

Magazine Featured Posts

Another option for displaying posts is the magazine Featured Posts. This is just like a regular blog layout: image on a side (left, right), title, excerpt, read more).

Magazine Grid

The grid displays the chosen posts in a table layout, two-columns wide with again the featured image, title, excerpt, and read more. All of which can be customized or removed. There are some style options, for example, the font of the title for the grid posts.

I’ll cover the important elements of Magazine Template in later posts, but for now, hopefully this overview helps.

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4 Responses to WOO Canvas Magazine Template

  1. Christa Lapinig December 5, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    Thanks, this answered my question. I got Canvas and still trying to learn everything and this explained the other templates. I wanted to make my header part larger (where it says Likoma Playground or the name of the website). But I’m beginning to think that can’t be tweaked? But I think the Business or Magazine template may be better to showcare certain posts or pictures to grab some attention to your best content.

    • Bradley Charbonneau December 5, 2013 at 8:40 am #

      Hi Christa,
      Check out this post (header height) to see how to manually change the height of the header (it’s CSS).
      Yes, to showcase certain posts, the business slider is excellent and the magazine slider (or grid) is good for smaller, less prominent posts.


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