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Custom Menu Shortcode

Still typing out long lists of pages to insert into another page? Yeah, don’t do that.

When you need to get a list of pages or posts or categories or pretty much a list of anything, WordPress Menus are hard to beat. But what about when you want to list those menus in a page or post? Custom Menu Shortcode plugin to the rescue.

You used to do this:

  1. Type in name of item.
  2. Highlight, click chain link to make link.
  3. Type in next item. Chain link.
  4. Keep going.
  5. Oh, a page name changed? Or maybe the link changed? Yep, need to go back into that page and edit.
  6. Oh, you have that list in several places.
  7. One place.
  8. The other place.

Whew. If you use a WP menu and then just call that code, here are your steps.

Now do this:

  1. Click to add menu items.
  2. Rearrange as you like.
  3. Even change names if you’d like.
  4. Enter shortcode in post or page.

Updates to page/post names? URL changes? Oh, even adding more items to that same list? All taken care of as it’s being built dynamically.

Here’s the sample code you would enter:

One note on syntax. If your menu doesn’t have dashes, but is called, for example, Extra Services, the code you’d enter would be lowercase and have dashes in place of spaces.


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