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There are all kinds of ways to insert photos into a post or page. You don’t need to use the WP gallery functions or third-party sliders, you can just insert the photos directly onto the page. You can choose original size, full size, medium size or thumbnails. It’s not always the best solution, but it gives you a bit of control as to where and how your photos are laid out on the page. For example, this is a good way to put in a single photo when you have text. But for galleries, there are better options.


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  1. SteveC December 22, 2013 at 3:32 pm #

    Hi Bradley,

    I really appreciate the large number of tutorials and comments you’ve posted regarding Woo Canvas. I’ve just started with Canvas and your posts have helped me come up to speed.

    My current layout uses both nav bars and I would like to place a unique full length image directly below the primary nav bar in each of 6 pages and be able to add text on top of the image. I’ve playing around with the Woo business slider, adding only one image to the slide group for that page, but the slider text (excerpt) doesn’t remain properly left-hand aligned with the rest of the site.

    How would you recommend going about adding images right below the primary nav bar? Via hooks?


    • Bradley Charbonneau December 27, 2013 at 8:23 am #

      Does the latest version of Canvas (with new left-aligned text) not fix this? Granted, I haven’t tried what you’re doing, so I’m just guessing. But I like your attempt at a solution without resorting to too much code. I wrote this a long while ago (Custom Post Background) so that might help, but I’d prefer to do something with hooks as you suggest. What I’m not sure is how to make that conditional (this image on that page, that image on this page). So maybe the hook is just something like a CSS DIV (e.g. load this photo div id=”photo1″) but then in the CSS say something like page-id-26 show div id=”photo1″ … I’m kinda guessing wildly here, but just throwing out ideas.

      One thing that I miss in WOO’s hooks is that you can’t put PHP in there (so conditional statements easily). I’m about to go offline for a week, but I’m also interested in what you’re doing as I’ve been wanting to do something similar (I’d like a sub-nav image/color for certain categories with the category name and description in there). Keep us posted!

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