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The WordPress Dashboard can be a useful spot for an overview of your site’s activity.

Out of the box, the WordPress dashboard isn’t all that thrilling. But once you start adding plugins and using your site, it can be more and more useful. For example, Jetpack stats has a great overview dashboard widget that I use all the time. Other plugins, notably WOO Commerce, give you options for loads of widgets in your dashboard so that you don’t have to go drilling down in admin menu items for your reports.

There are other features such as QuickPress which allow you to publish a new post right from the dashboard itself. You can’t give it a category or do too much else to it, but it’s a nice spot to dash off a quick note and come back to it later as a draft.

Using the screen options in the upper right, you can choose which widgets to show and hide.

Don’t forget the uber-handy Screen Options in the upper right to show and hide what you’d like to see on your Dashboard.

Keep your dashboard clean and put the widgets you use the most at the top and the dashboard can work for you–if you put it to work.

The WordPress Dashboard can be a handy page to get an overview of what's going on with your site.

The WordPress Dashboard can be a handy page to get an overview of what’s going on with your site.


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