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WooThemes Framework 6.0.0

Whoa, WOO, loads of changes to the core framework!

WOO has a full write-up of the 6.0.0 framework launch, but here’s all of the yummy changelog for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own screen. But first of all, it’s a design change. Gone is the separate box/rectangle of WOO world and now the WOO features are more integrated into the WP admin layout. The framework helps integrate more and more of WOO’s products and services, meaning, themes and plugins. Updates to plugins and themes are now easier to find as well as other products they offer. I don’t see this as an invasion or even advertising as they’re hoping to help you further with the products they offer. Yes, I’m biased, yes, I like WOO’s products. I suppose if they were products I didn’t appreciate, I wouldn’t want them mentioned anywhere.

At first glance, the first page of Styling & Layout (where you probably have spent most of your time in Canvas) is quite long and less easy to navigation than before. We’ll see how it works as we use it more and more.

Give it a spin and see what you think.

2014.07.03 – version 6.0.0

* New – Introduce new classes.
/classes/class-wf.php – Base class
/classes/class-wf-fields.php – Form field generator/validator
/classes/class-wf-fields-meta.php – Extends WF_Fields. Generate form fields for meta boxes
/classes/class-wf-fields-settings.php – Extends WF_Fields. Generate form fields for settings screens
/classes/class-wf-backup.php – Backup screen handler
/classes/class-wf-meta.php – Meta box handler
/classes/class-wf-screen-admin-base.php – Base class for generating admin screens (framework/welcome)
/classes/class-wf-screen-framework.php – Extends WF_Screen_Admin_Base. Generates the “Framework” admin menu
/classes/class-wf-screen-welcome.php – Extends WF_Screen_Admin_Base. Generates the “Welcome” screen when activating the theme
/classes/class/wf-screen.php – Static class for generating screen header and footer areas
/classes/class-wf-settings.php – Settings handler
* New – Introduced new assets for use with the new WF_ classes.
* New – Adds a perameter to woo_embed() to preserve the original video dimensions.
* New – Introduces more accurate multi-level taxonomy term display in woo_breadcrumbs().
* New – Adds logic to attempt to add default taxonomies to each post type in woo_breadcrumbs(). Can be overridden by the filter.
* Remove – “Framework Settings” screen and it’s related code.
* New – Adds support for Jetpack tiled galleries to the tabs shortcode.
* New – Add “none” option to the

* Fix – Ensures the shortcode is correctly parsed in the excerpts, such that it’s contents isn’t lost.
* Fix – Output the title attribute in woo_image().
* New – Welcome screen on theme activation.
* New – Allow Skype URLs in the
* Remove – PressTrends logic and settings.
* New – Friendlier settings screen for theme settings.
* New – Better support for a WooCommerce shop page link in woo_breadcrumbs().
* Fix – Updates JavaScript to use .on() instead of .live().
* Remove – PressTrends admin icon.
* Remove – PressTrends option admin icon.
* New – Adds styling for the shortcode columns clearing DIV tag.
* New – Introduce new file to contain the WF_Backup class.
* Fix – Fixes “undefined index” notice when saving WordPress Menus.
* Fix – Fixes “invalid argument for foreach” notice.
* Tweak – Deprecated woo_twitter_script() function.
* Tweak – Deprecated woo_active_template() function.
* Tweak – updated wf_useful_links() inside admin-interface.php default documentation
to point to the new docs site with the current theme name
documentation site for the current theme
* Remove – Removes PressTrends banner and functionality.
* Remove – Removes WooSEO removal banner.
* admin-setup.php – Adds is_ssl() check to the custom favicon output function. Loads woo_load_textdomain() on the “after_setup_theme” hook instead of the “init” hook.
* Fix – Adds “clear” DIV tag after the last column shortcodes to properly clear the column floats.
* Tweak – Makes message body default field labels translatable, in the “contact_form” shortcode.
* Fix – Makes sure “typography” shortcode works inside the “box” shortcode.
* Makes sure “toggle” shortcode works inside the “box” shortcode.
* Fix – Fixes array to string conversion error in admin interface.
* New – Added logic to ensure the “Update Framework” and “Framework Settings” screens displays at the end of the WooThemes admin menu.
* Tweak – Code maintenance on the woo_add_admin() function.
* New – Moved Woothemes_Backup class into separate file. Renamed to WF_Backup.
* New – Added check for if the backup functionality is disabled. If so, don’t load the WF_Backup class or the admin-backup.php file.

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