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Canvas Child Theme: Duo

WOO’s second child theme for Canvas focuses on professionals.

WOO is sticking to the program and it looks like it’s going to work. They’re creating their building blocks of themes and plugins and then cobbling them together with a child theme. In other words, they’ll use Canvas as the main core or parent or even framework theme then a child theme for styling and possibly some tricky or custom features but then use their own (usually free) plugins to add more function to the site.


For Duo, they’re highlighting a new e-commerce feature called Bookings. Professionals (attorneys or hairdressers) can use the Bookings add-on to have clients set up appointments and the professionals can then manage calendars, financial transactions and their business.


As to be expected for a professionals’ site, they’ve also incorporated the Projects plugin. This plugin has replaced (for better or worse) the Canvas built-in Portfolio function. Now that it’s a separate plugin, it’s more portable in that you could take it to your non-Canvas theme in the future.

Like with WOO’s first child theme (Uno), why should we spend $39 on something that’s just putting a few plugins and styles together in a nice package? I think I just answered my own question: if you think you can rebuild what they did for $39, have at it. Also, if you can actually do that, please drop me a note as I’d love to talk about building more child themes for Canvas.

Duo is a Canvas child theme for small business that sell services.

Duo is a Canvas child theme for small business that sell services.



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