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Using the “Transparent” Color

Did you want that primary navigation to have a transparent background? Easy peasie.

Still struggling with trying to match the background color of the element that you really want hidden with the color of the element behind it? Your days of agony are over.

It's easier than you'd ever imagine ... well, if you're using Canvas.

It’s easier than you’d ever imagine … well, if you’re using Canvas.

See the background color of the navigation on top of the pretty mountains of Tahoe? Of course not! It’s transparent!

This can be tricky in CSS (well, depends on how well you know your CSS) but hey, this solution requires zero knowledge of CSS–you just need to know how to spell “transparent.” Hint, it’s just like it sounds.

So whether you want to make that nav bar not really be a bar or hide the ugly gray of some widget title area, this trick is all you need. Now wasn’t that easy?




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